Where to begin…

I’d like to start my very first blog with a simple hello to everyone out there. 

I have been trying to wrap my mind around what to start with for over a month now. Mostly, I feel like I am trying to encompass entirely to much information in one post, so, back to the basics. I have a few goals that  I am trying to accomplish, and I am going to begin documenting the journey throughout the next few years.

The beginning, and the reason I wanted to start this blog is:’the freedom plan’

Step one, save money

Step two, figure out how to build a future working online.

Step three,  get a small ‘fixer upper’ RV, remodel it, and pair down to a simple, less hectic way of life.

And finally, step four, take to the open road, be free, explore what life has to give away from possessions, clutter and complications.

I have found over the last few months that my world has evolved and changed with this nomadic mindset. I am getting rid of things left and right, things that really accomplish no other purpose than to look nifty on a shelf. If I haven’t touched it in 6 months or if it really does not serve a purpose it is gone.

Everything is starting to mesh, and I know that my goal of setting out on the open road on my thirtieth birthday (less than two years away) is going to be my reality!

So please join me on my journey to freedom.



One of my friends told me about this interesting site: https://patreon.com/invite/kxkmnl

You can share you work and others can help you create new pieces by donating! Very interesting, and very easy to set up! I cannot wait to share my artwork with a new community 🙂


A day in Ferntucky

I have a lot of friends that love to go shooting, and one of the best places to go is Fernley, NV. There is so much open desert broken up by rocks and sheltered areas that are perfect to go shooting without risk to anyone traveling by and accidentally getting hit. My friends call this lovely place Ferntucky, probably because you get a lot of cowboys, a lot of gun enthusiasts and people I would definitely seek out if something crazy like a ‘zombie apocalypse’ should happen. 20161214_130422


This is my newest item knocked off The List. Charley is a Ruger American 9 MM, I have been wanting to buy a gun for a while now and couldn’t quit decide what I wanted. I have tried many different models that friends own, Smith and Wesson, Beretta, but none of them felt comfortable or were easy for me to shoot. Then my friend bought one of these and I had a chance to try it out the last time I went shooting, I loved it! The kick was barely noticeable for me, it was easy to sight, and felt really comfortable in my hand. So decision made, a gun show just happened to be going on the next weekend and I walked out with this baby. I have been having a great time learning the ins and outs of this gun, and as I get more comfortable with this, I may update the post.


Moon Rocks

An amazing spot in the high desert  is The Moon Rocks. They are located alway to Pyramid Lake, around Antelope Valley. These rocks are exactly how they sound, huge porous rocks are amazing to explore. The little caverns, hand a foot holds that make climbing them a breeze, and the wide open views around them are something to see. I love this area, and it doesn’t matter what time I’m out there, sunrise, sunset or watching the stars, I am never bored. A lot of people also go out with there 4×4’s and dirt bikes, and I must say it seems like a great adventure to speed through the rock formations, I have try it sometime!

The smell of juniper and the complete silence when no one else is out there is true tranquility. I never realize how noisy the busy world around me is until I am perched on the top of a rock in the middle of nowhere listening to the silence. No cars, no people, just wide open quiet.