The List

My first blog page outlined ‘the freedom plan’, my journey to a simpler, nomadic life that is free of material burdens.

To facilitate this plan I have a budget and a list of things needed to accomplish my goal, which is funny because the whole point is to pair down, not buy more. But certain things are needed.

First item: An RV, something small that me and my dog Momo can travel around in. Something big enough that I can breathe, work on my art, and enjoy what I anticipate to be amazing views. Who wouldn’t want there back yard to be a beach? Or a mountain? maybe a canyon, I plan to see everything.

Second item: Motorcycle. Something I can ride around on, maybe do a cross country trek. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Check out South America on a wicked bike!

Third item: A great computer, this one I am happy to say is checked off the list! Brand new Mac book pro with touch bar, a monster of a machine. I’ve had an interesting time adjusting from Windows to MAC, especially since all of my work computers run off of windows. I will update soon with my thoughts on this great machine 🙂

Fourth item: A nice camera to document my journey. I am going to get some help in picking out the right entry level camera, and anyones thoughts on this would be appreciated. I know a few camera geeks, so I think I can get some great direction on this

Fifth item: A decent hand gun. My personal obsession has always been knives, don’t ask. But I have always had fun with guns to, I loved going out shooting with my dad as a kid, one of the few and great things from my childhood. A decent hand gun will definitely be a good thing to have on the road.

This list will be something to keep me going in the right direction. Already I am not pissing away money left and right. I am saving, budgeting and focusing on The Freedom Plan.

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