Moon Rocks

An amazing spot in the high desert  is The Moon Rocks. They are located alway to Pyramid Lake, around Antelope Valley. These rocks are exactly how they sound, huge porous rocks are amazing to explore. The little caverns, hand a foot holds that make climbing them a breeze, and the wide open views around them are something to see. I love this area, and it doesn’t matter what time I’m out there, sunrise, sunset or watching the stars, I am never bored. A lot of people also go out with there 4×4’s and dirt bikes, and I must say it seems like a great adventure to speed through the rock formations, I have try it sometime!

The smell of juniper and the complete silence when no one else is out there is true tranquility. I never realize how noisy the busy world around me is until I am perched on the top of a rock in the middle of nowhere listening to the silence. No cars, no people, just wide open quiet.

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