Who am I? What makes me, me?


I identify with the Stoic Philosophy. It’s funny how you can read something written so long ago and it still has meaning contextually in current events. Seneca’s ‘On the shortness of life’ writes about things that can easily apply to the current materialistic world. Granted, I do not agree with everything, he was understandably biased towards anything but the pursuit of philosophy, and as an artist I crave the positive attention that my art brings me. This may sound shallow but It is what it is.

I am an artist at heart. I have been drawing since I was old enough to hold a pencil. I remember watching Bob Ross on PBS as a young child, entranced by his happy trees and birds. Art has seen me through a tough childhood and difficult life events.

Music, I love all kinds of music. I try to draw what I hear, expressing vivid color that comes to mind when I listen to a particularly vibrant song. From classical to folk, R&B, alternative, jazz, rock, 60s-90’s music, new age and so on. My eclectic taste knows no bounds.

Cooking, I love to make tasty dishes, working with different flavors and making everything from scratch. Cooking is an art form that I excel at 😉

Exploring, I have always loved climbing, I love climbing over rocks, up hills, hiking through brush, swimming in rivers. Give me the outdoors any day!