The Freedom Plan


Open Road

What is freedom? In my mind freedom is not being chained to a desk every day. Granted, you still have work, I wouldn’t have it any other way. To much down time makes me stir crazy. But who says your work cannot be at a cafe in a city you have just visited for the first time, or with your feet propped up on a log in the forrest? Maybe a beautiful beach with the seagulls and waves as your background music. Why not? All I need is a good internet signal to whip up reports, do payroll and remotely update quickbooks. That is where my life is headed. On August 4th, 2018 I intend to hit the open road.

My list is simple:

Remodeled small motorhome (cannot wait to customize my home from the bottom up)

Motorcycle (Any thoughts on a good, reliable cross country bike would be appreciated)

Camera (Again, thoughts on a good midrange camera to document my exploration would be appreciated)

Great computer (Check! I will post a review on the new Mac Book Pro with touchbar at some point 🙂 )

Trailer to pull my car and motorcycle

Everything else, I already have. I have been slowly pairing down what I can absolutely get rid of now. If I haven’t touched it, it goes. Carl gave me some great advice, if it holds sentimental value, snap a really good picture of it. You keep the memory without the item. I’m going to do this with all of my art from high school. So if you are interested in the idea of a nomadic life, or if you have any thoughts on this, benefits or downsides, I’d love to discuss the concept of ‘what is freedom’.